Learn how to tune out the chaos of daily life and tune into the peaceful and content soul hiding within. This challenge includes interactive lessons and live practice.


15th - 19th July 6am AEST


In this challenge, you will be introduced to a range of Qigong training tools to discover the difference Qigong can make to your mind and body and help you understand why Qigong is truly a "Change State Technology" that can help you take back control of your health and wellness and restore the feelings of relaxation, vitality, calmness, mindfulness and wellbeing that modern society zaps out of us!

Mindful Relaxation

  • Learn to reset yourself into a parasympathetic state of alert and mindful relaxation.

  • Learn how to cultivate, feel and pack Qi directly into the body.

  • Learn how to spread Qi to help move physical and emotional stagnate energy.

  • The Taoist Inner Smile technique begins by rewiring your nervous system and deleting negative emotions stored in the mind and body.

Cultivate mind and body connection

  • Learn to align your posture to help delete physical and mental tension and strengthen your structural system.

  • Learn how to tap into the emotional traits of organ structures using acupuncture points Neigong meditations.

  • Learn the foundational Chinese medical theory of how our bodies create mind/body wellness and how to slow down aging and increase your longevity.

Build a full practice routine

  • Get new Qigong methods each day, and on the final day, we will consolidate all the practices into one full morning wake-up and recharge routine!

Meet Nicholas

Nicholas initially got involved with Chinese medicine and acupuncture through his passion for the internal martial art of Tai Chi, Chinese boxing and the qigong healing arts over two decades ago. It is through the internal martial arts and qigong training that Nick came to deeply understand that it is how we connect our mind and body that governs our overall peace of mind and how we experience personal well-being and vitality.​

After 27 years of studying internal martial arts, Nicholas advocates tai chi and qigong, meditation and Chinese exercise therapy to reconnect people to their bodies through mindful movement and breathing techniques. Working with these training methods helps to unlock tension from the body and allows individuals to build a practice they can use to empower their personal development. Tai Chi, qigong and mindfulness movement training can offer people a powerful system of personal transformation by using a range of training tools to build their energy, unlock their stress and stabilize their moods in times of or in the recovery of stressful situations.

You might like to know 🔍

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Let's discover the joy of inner harmony and wellness together.

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